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Écophyto & Certiphyto

What's that ?

Ecophyto is an initiative started in 2008 to gradually reduce the use of phytosanitary products in France while maintaining an economically efficient agriculture.

To achieve this objective, a number of actions have been initiated, including:
the creation of Certiphyto (environmentally sustainable use of pesticides license).

And in the law ?

This certificate, which attests to sufficient knowledge to secure the use of pesticides and reduce their use, has been mandatory since:

1st of October 2013 for professionals in the distribution, service delivery and counselling sectors,
1st of October 2014 for professionals working on their own behalf, such as: farmers and agricultural workers, foresters, local authorities, …
1st october 2016 : Simplification of certificates numbers (5 CIPP) but all the activity domains stay the same (3 sectors) ; duration reduced to 5 years for all the certificates.

The different types of Certiphytos that the MFR of Bergerac offers

Sale of plant protection products


- Distributors of professional products
- Distributors of consumer products

Period of validity

5 years

Business decision-maker not subject to approval


- Farm managers or agricultural employees
- Territorial collectivities agents

Period of validity

5 years



- Agricultural workers or territorial collectivities agents

Period of validity

5 years

Business decision-maker subject to approval


- Agricultural employees or community agents (Agricultural works, landscape painters...)

Period of validity

5 years

Following the certification for a first-time homeowner

In in-person training for a duration of 2 or 3 days,

or by taking a half-day test.

Validation: MCQ exam at end of training

Those with a diploma of less than 5 years recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture can apply for the Certiphyto online at:


Passage of the certification for a renewal

In in-person training for a duration of 2 or 3 days,

taking a half day test.

Validation : MCQ at end of training

Possibility of arranging training times according to the situation: see with the establishement


Theme 1 -> Environmental Regulations and Safety

Theme 2 -> Health, safety, applicator and space open to the public

Theme 3 -> Reduction of use, alternative methods


a better knowledge of the use of plant protection products in order to reduce or even eliminate their use, marketing.

Also allows to address techniques alternatives to plant protection products.

Why train in MFR?

Engaged since 2008 during the creation of Certiphyto, the MFR du Bergeracois wants to make this training available to our internship masters, our partners or even to the various professionals of the territory.

Training that listens to requests specific to the needs of the Territory.

Lunch available: find out how to book from the establishment.