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Bac Pro
Services to People and
Territories (SAPAT)

Health professions, of Social and Animation



Training cycle over 3 years (2nd and 1st at the MFR of the Force, Terminale at the MFR of Périgueux)
Diploma: 50% in continuous examination, 50% final examinations
2nd + 1st -> passage of BEPA SAPAT
1st + Terminal -> BAC PRO SAPAT

Possibility of directly integrating the training into 1st SAPAT if one holds a CAP or a second general.

CCCF *: Continuous Control During Training

In boarding or half board

Knowledge the different audiences

Applied Biology

Service for the well-being of people

Needs of people at different stages of life

Knowledge of the professional and geographical environment

Knowledge of people service structures

Knowledge of rural actors

General Education

French - ESC Communication (Sociocultural education)
History / Geography

Civic and social life / Economy
Human Biology

Professional Eductation

  • The person's needs :
  • Human biology
  • The various public of intervention
  • Gestures and professional Postures
  • Comfort of the person :
  • Maintenance of the premises
  • Alimentation pratique
  • Organisation of animations
  • The different professional structures of the SAPAT environment :
  • How different structures work and the role of different professionals

Practical courses

Practical cookery

SST : Attestation de Sauveteurs Secouristes du Travail

Gestures, Postures and Personal Handling

APP : Educational and Professional Workshop

Projects related to our partners and study visits are planned throughout the year.

Intership fields

Creches, Haltes - garderies
Specialized structures

Retirement homes - EHPAD
Touristic facilities
Social organizations


Discover the professions of health, social and animation in the fields of childhood, disability, the elderly Understanding the legislation of the various reception centres Being part of a team of professionals

Learn the actions and attitudes needed to help people who are dependent (from childhood to adulthood) Strengthen your knowledge to gain access to advanced or qualifying training

What's next ?

  • BTS ESF (Économie Sociale et Familiale) & DATR (Development, Animation of the Rural Territories)
  • Nursing schools (Parcoursup), caregivers, childcare helpers, instructor-educator, specialized educator (Parcoursup)
  • D.E.A.E.S State Diploma in Educational and Social Support
  • Active living in health and social structures
  • Access to one year of preparation for the various competitions

Would you like to know more about the possible job opportunities and / or trades that you have experienced during and after this training?