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Bac Pro
Sale Advice Technician

Sales and Trade jobs


3 years long training cycle (50% continuous control/ 50% terminal tests)

BEPA validation in 11th grade

18 weeks of internship per year on average (with help to find internships)

In boarding or half board

General subjects

French – Communication


History / Geography

Foreign language : English


Physics / Chemistry

Sport – BHuman biology


  • Discover different jobs related business
  • Seller / Purchaser
  • Department Manager
  • Window dresser

Develop the necessary skills in the seller/customer relationship

Understanding the commercial activity of a gardening – pet shop

Know the characteristics of garden products

Graduate and pursue business studies or start working

Vocational education

  • At the MFR
  • Study of commercial activity from production to use
  • Practice of sales techniques
  • Learning attitudes and language specific to the seller/customer relationship
  • Handling of products sold in Gardening/ Pet shop
  • Office automation practice in enterprises
  • Internship places
  • Garden centers/Pet shops
  • Supermarkets
  • Stores
  • Farmers
  • Suppliers

What next?