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"Alternative Year"

Travel & Learn
6 month old internship


Have professional behaviour

Respect the group

Being able to manage your budget independently

Write an internship report for the MFR, the Regional Council of New Aquitaine and the European Union

Commit to the entire route

You are resident in New Aquitaine, you are over 18 years old, you are curious, volunteer and you want to discover new horizons while developing professional skills?

Send in your application to try to integrate this training!

Pedagogical content

Definition of the professional project,

Construction of the “Alternative Year”

Pedagogical preparation

Technique of experience explaining

Expression and interpersonal communication

Acquisition of professional skills

Coût de la formation

Supported by the Erasmus+ program

Grant from the Regional Council of Aquitaine

Candidate’s participation :

Management fees : 150€ 
Daily needs : 100€ per month

End of curriculum

Europass Certificate recognised in 36 European Union countries.

Post-training monitoring

Everyone has a chace to get in, each case will be studied!