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Another way to succeed at the MFR of Bergeracois !

With more than 60 years of experience in teaching, we offer courses from the 8th grade to +2 years of higher education and vocational training.

Our entire team is there to support you and help you acquire knowledge by actively participating in your traning and professional development.

Batiment de la MFR du Bergeracois
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8th / 9th grade

Part time training / Company

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Bac Pro "TCV"

Sale Advice Technician

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Services To People And Territories

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Pro Title LEVEL IV

Department manager

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Pro Title LEVEL V - MUM

Market Units Manager

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Abroad Training

"Alternative Year​"

Are you parent, future student parent or even internship supervisor ?

Here’s some useful documents and informations that we provide you to download here :

Individual certificate for Phytopharmaceutical products (CERTIPHYTO)

The Ecophyto 2 plan aims to greatly reduce Phytopharmaceutical substances usage.

The use and purchase of phytopharmaceutical products is conditioned by the possession of an individual certificate commonly known as Certiphyto V2.

Any user, salesman or consulting technician, is obliged to hold this certificate which has a validity of 5 years since the 1st October 2016.

It is free for agricultural owners and employees

Other public? Support from the company’s training plan (OPCA)

Learn by traveling in Europe

To go abroad allows you to learn a language,
discover a culture, live a great human experience!
Since 2007, the MFR helps you and follows you going on an internship in Europe for 10 days, 3 weeks or 6 months.

Alternative Year

Favors pursuing of graduate studies and professional insertion

Erasmus +

European mobility of 3 weeks for our 1ères and Terminales

EFP Mobility

Only for internship supervisors and MFR partners

Being hosted at the MFR ?

It's possible !
Internship for students, groups, individuals or professionals ... Since 2017, the MFR offers you a new hosting center!

80 beds
répartis en 20 chambres de 4 lits individuels

1 multimedia room
26 computers and a video projector

1 canteen
accommodating 130 guests

6 studios of 18m²
available for rent for a night, a week, a month …

1 conference room

divisible into 2 rooms, equipped with 9 computers, a video projector and 90 seats

Accommodation available from Friday evening to Sunday evening, school holidays in free management or full board

Different accomodations for different hosting plans
In our premises you can find :



Two buildings, two differents offers


Pictogramme représentant deux maisons. Source : https://fr.freepik.com/


6 studios of 18m²  available for renting
for a night, a week or a month

Pictogramme représentant plusieurs maisons. Source : https://fr.freepik.com/


1 salle multimédia de 26 postes avec vidéo projecteur et 1 salle de conférence de 100m²


With all the services proposed in our MFR, the formations, the travels and the events :
We have a lot to tell you about! (articles written in french)